Pregnancy and Young Child Profile, Alachua County, Florida

IndicatorRate TypeYear(s)Quartile
(Most to Least Favorable)
County NumberCounty RateState Comparison
Community Characteristics
Median household income (in dollars)Dollars2017-21$53,314
Individuals below poverty levelPercent2017-21452,90220.113.1
Individuals 18 below poverty levelPercent2017-21218.118.2
Civilian labor force which is unemployedPercent2017-2126,6814.85.3
Owner-occupied housingPercent2017-21455.166.5
Domestic violence offensesPer 100,000 population2018-2034,665582.5495.9
Population 5+ that speak English less than very wellPercent2017-2139,5253.611.8
Population that speak Spanish among Population 5+ that speak English less than very wellPercent2017-2113,73839.277.9
Births covered by emergency Medicaid Percent of births2019-212821.03.1
Women of Childbearing Age
Total female population ages 15-44Count202169,929
White female population ages 15-44Count202147,905
Black female population ages 15-44Count202114,686
Other female population ages 15-44Count20217,338
Hispanic female population ages 15-44Count20219,381
Non-Hispanic female population ages 15-44Count202160,548
Birth Family Characteristics
Births to teen mothers ages 15-19Per 1,000 females 15-192019-2112998.814.9
Repeat births to teen mothers ages 15-19Percent of births 15-192019-2123511.713.5
Births to mothers >35Per 1,000 females > 352019-2141,1255.85.1
Total births to unwed mothersPercent of births2019-2113,49844.746.7
Births among unwed teen mothers ages 15-19Percent of births 15-192019-21428796.093.5
Births among unwed mothers ages 15-44Percent of births 15-442019-2113,49244.746.7
Births with father acknowledged on birth certificatePercent of births2019-2136,77786.588.6
Births to mothers 19 and over without high school educationPercent of births > 182019-21152310.314.2
Births to mothers born in other countriesPercent of births2019-2131,36326.049.5
Pre-conception Health and Behaviors
Females >17 who engage in heavy or binge drinkingPercent of females > 172019313.315.1
Females >17 who are current smokersPercent of females > 172019113.513.9
Females >17 with pap smear in preceding yearPercent of females > 172016249.548.4
Females >17 who have a personal doctorPercent of females > 172019472.577.1
Females 19-64 with health insurancePercent2021190.683.5
Women 15-34 with bacterial sexually transmitted diseasesPer 100,000 females 15-34202142,0503,791.22,917.1
Births to underweight mothers at time pregnancy occurredPercent of births2019-2132865.75.1
Births to Mothers with Healthy WeightPercent2019-2143,17142.240.7
Births to overweight mothers at time pregnancy occurredPercent of births2019-2111,86837.241.7
Births to obese mothers at time pregnancy occurredPercent of births2019-2112,18743.542.0
Listeriosis in women 15-44Per 100,000 Female Population 15-442019-21 00.00.3
Varicella in women 15-44Per 100,000 Females 15-442019-2173.44.7
Pregnancy and Mother's Health Behaviors
Births to mothers who report smoking during pregnancyPercent of births2019-2113174.03.6
Hepatitis B, surface antigen in pregnant womenPer 100,000 Females 15-442019-21104.88.8
Births to mothers with recommended weight gain during pregnancyPercent of births2019-2131,70834.034.3
Births with inter-pregnancy interval <18 months Percent of births2019-2131,70938.635.5
Births with 1st trimester prenatal carePercent of births w/ known PNC status2019-2115,56079.175.3
Births with late or no prenatal carePercent of births w/ known PNC status2019-2114526.47.7
Births with adequate prenatal care (Kotelchuck index)Percent of births w/ known PNC status2019-2124,923105.4101.7
Births to uninsured women ("self-pay" checked on birth certificate)Percent of births2019-2132635.08.4
Births covered by MedicaidPercent of births2019-2113,36164.369.7
C-section birthsPercent of births2019-2112,44731.236.0
Mothers who initiate breastfeedingPercent2019-2116,76886.485.5
Infants (Under 1)
Total birthsPer 1,000 population20212,5809.49.8
White birthsPer 1,000 white population20211,5918.39.1
Black birthsPer 1,000 black population202179214.012.3
Other nonwhite birthsPer 1,000 other nonwhite population20211937.411.1
Hispanic birthsPer 1,000 hispanic population20212759.311.7
Non-Hispanic birthsPer 1,000 non-hispanic population20212,2989.39.0
Very low birthweight infants born in subspecialty perinatal centersPercent of VLBW births2019-21213080.779.0
Multiple births (twins, triplets, or more)Percent of births2019-2142843.63.1
Preterm with Low Birth WeightPercent2019-2145717.36.1
Births <1500 grams (very low birth weight)Percent of births2019-2141612.11.6
Births <2500 grams (low birth weight)Percent of births2019-21482710.68.8
Births <37 weeks gestation (preterm)Percent of births2019-21393211.910.6
Critical Congenital Heart DefectsPer 10,000 births2014-201832618.418.8
Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome)Per 10,000 births2014-2018296.412.7
Infants in Foster CarePer 100,000 population < 12019-2131261,633.01,189.2
Infant asthma hospitalizations age <1Per 100,000 Population Under 12019-21318233.3165.6
Hepatitis B, acute in people <1Count2019-2100.00
Pertussis in people <1Per 100,000 Population Under 12019-2100.021.5
Salmonellosis in people <1Per 100,000 Population Under 12019-21 250648.0646.8
Hospitalizations for all non-fatal unintentional injuries <1Per 100,000 population < 12019-21428362.9201.3
ER visits for non-fatal unintentional falls < 1Per 100,000 population < 12019-2122653,434.43,832.6
Hospitalizations for non-fatal traumatic brain injuries <1Per 100,000 population < 12019-21313168.5161.9
Maternal Morbidity and Fetal, Infant and Maternal Deaths
Severe Maternal MorbidityPer 1,000 Delivery Hospitalizations202124618.123.8
Fetal deathsPer 1,000 deliveries2019-213617.77.0
Neonatal deaths (<28 days)Per 1,000 live births2019-214587.44.0
Post-Neonatal deaths (28-364 days)Per 1,000 live births2019-213202.61.9
Infant deaths (0-364 days)Per 1,000 live births2019-2147810.05.9
White infant deathPer 1,000 live births2019-214357.64.3
Black infant deathPer 1,000 live births2019-2123012.311.0
Hispanic infant deathPer 1,000 live births2019-2189.94.8
Non-Hispanic infant deathPer 1,000 live births2019-214689.76.2
Deaths from SUID (sudden unexpected infant death)Per 1,000 live births2019-21260.80.9
Maternal DeathsPer 100,000 Live Births2019-2100.027.3
Children Ages 1-5
Total population ages 1-5Count202114,135
White population ages 1-5Count20218,249
Black population ages 1-5Count20214,041
Other population ages 1-5Count20211,844
Hispanic population ages 1-5Count20211,533
Non-Hispanic population ages 1-5Count202112,602
Children in Pre-K eligible for free/reduced lunchPercent of Pre-K students202128346.961.0
Kindergarten children eligible for free/reduced lunchPercent of KG students2021297249.053.4
Children in Foster Care Ages 1-4Per 100,000 population 1-52019-212303345.2293.3
Children ages 1-5 receiving mental health treatment servicesPer 1,000 population 1-52019-21280.22.7
Children <5 covered by KidCare (Medikids)Percent of population < 52019-2143470.82.6
Children in School Readiness programs (subsidized child care)Per 1,000 population < 132019-2119,19685.669.9
Children participating in voluntary pre-K programsPercent of 4-yr olds202141776.321.5
Children with Disabilities Receiving Pre-K ServicesPer 1,000 Children in voluntary Pre-K20211153864.4413.9
WIC Children >= 2 Years Who Are Overweight or ObesePercent of WIC children >= 22021226.929.7
WIC children >=2 who are overweightPercent of WIC children >= 2202119.712.9
WIC children >=2 who are obesePercent of WIC children >= 22021317.216.7
Two Year Old Children Fully Immunized: Basic Immunization SeriesPercent of 2-yr olds202084.084.0
Kindergarten children fully immunizedPercent of KG students202132,05794.393.3
Emergency room visits 0-5Per 100,000 population 0-52019-21122,70445,372.154,784.2
Asthma hospitalizations ages 1-5Per 100,000 population 1-52019-214221522.2231.9
Preventable Pediatric Hospitalizations from Asthma under 5Per 100,000 population under 52021490651.2422.6
Cryptosporidiosis in people <6Per 100,000 Population Under 62019-21 48.03.6
Haemophilus influenzae in people <5Per 100,000 Population Under 52019-2137.22.8
Measles (rubeola)Count2019-2104
Measles in people <5Count2019-2101
Meningococcal disease in people <5Count2019-2100.07
Mumps in people <5Count2019-2100.05
Pertussis in people 1-5Per 100,000 Population 1-52019-2112.43.8
Rubella, congenitalCount2019-2100.00
Shigellosis in people <6Per 100,000 Population Under 62019-21 48.014.8
Streptococcus pneumoniae in people <6Per 100,000 Population Under 62019-2124.04.9
VaricellaPer 100,000 Population2019-21131.62.6
Varicella in people <5Per 100,000 Population Under 52019-2137.215.9
Death and Injuries Among Children Ages 1-5
Deaths ages 1-5Per 100,000 Population2019-2131228.424.3
Unintentional injury deaths ages 1-5Per 100,000 Population2019-21511.89.8
Cancer deaths ages 1-5Per 100,000 Population2019-2124.71.7
Heart Diseases deaths ages 1-5Per 100,000 Population2019-2100.00.5
Hospitalizations ages 1-5 for all non fatal unintentional injuriesPer 100,000 population 1-52019-214138326.1122.8
...Near drowningsPer 100,000 population 1-52019-2112.46.0
...Traumatic brain injuriesPer 100,000 population 1-52019-2142149.624.2
ER visits for non-fatal unintentional poisonings ages 1-5Per 100,000 population 1-52019-213162382.8298.2
...Unintentional fallsPer 100,000 population 1-52019-21217064,030.83,785.8
...Motor vehicle traffic related injuriesPer 100,000 population 1-52019-214214505.6325.7
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Data Note(s) is provided by the Florida Department of Health, Division of Public Health Statistics and Performance Management.

  • Population - Rates are calculated using July 1 population estimates from the Florida Legislature, Office of Economic and Demographic Research which have been allocated by race based on information from the US Bureau of the Census.

  • Counts - Counts for indicators displaying a 3-year rate are an average count of events over 3 years, NOT a sum. Blank spaces in this column indicate that no count is available for the indicator. A count of less than 2 indicates an average of less than 2 events per year over a 3 year period. Hospitalization counts are suppressed if there are between 1-4 cases. Cancer incidence counts are suppressed if there are less than 10 cases.

  • Rates - Rates based on fewer than 5 events over a 3 year period are unstable. When the rates are based on only a few cases or deaths, it is almost impossible to distinguish random fluctuation from true changes All age-adjusted rates utilize the Year 2000 Standard Population Proportion.

  • Blanks indicate that data is not available for the specified time period.

  • Data sources and notes are located on the linked pages for each indicator.