CHARTS Update List - (As of 10/01/2022)

Updated = Changed data, version of document or feature.
Released = New features, brand new indicators or new reports.
Added = New year of data making existing content more current.

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8/11/2022ReleasedReleased 2021 data on County Public Health Department Full-Time Employees County Public Health Department Full-Time Employees
8/10/2022ReleasedReleased 2021 data on Monthly Medicaid Enrollment.  Monthly Medicaid Enrollment
8/10/2022ReleasedReleased 2020-2021 data for elementary and middle school students not promoted. Students not promoted (elementary, middle)
8/10/2022UpdatedUpdated the number of tuberculosis cases for the year 2020.  Tuberculosis
44778ReleasedReleased 2021 Q1-Q3 data for all drug, opioid-involved, heroine-involved, and stimulant-involved non-fatal overdose emergency department visits and hospitalizations by intent. Substance Use Dashboard
7/28/2022ReleasedReleased 2020 data within the Human Trafficking Profile Report. Human Trafficking Profile Report
7/26/2022ReleasedReleased an enhanced Aging in Florida Profile with new indicators and a focus on the population aged 65 and older. Aging in Florida Profile Report
6/30/2022ReleasedThe Health Equity Profile has been updated with a new look and several CHARTS indicators have been added. Health Equity Profile
6/24/2022UpdatedUpdated data on Estimated Seriously Mentally Ill Adults for 2018 and 2019 and released 2020 estimates. Seriously Mentally Ill Adults
6/3/2022UpdatedUpdated Hospitalizations From Mental Disorders by standardizing the calculation and title throughout CHARTS. This resulted in a data change on the Aging in Florida Profile for this specific indicator. Hospitalizations From Mental Disorders
5/27/2022ReleasedMonkey Pox was added to Reportable Disease Frequency Report Reportable Disease Frequency Report
5/24/2022ReleasedThe 2019 cancer incidence data were released. This update added the ability to filter by gender where appropriate and included the follwing types of cancer: Oral, Colorectal, Lung, Melanoma, Female Breast, Cervical, Prostate, Bladder, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Kidney/Renal/Pelvis, Stomach, Uterus, Ovarian, Brain/Central Nervous System, Leukemia and Hodgkin's Disease  Cancer Incidence
5/20/2022ReleasedThe Consequences tab on the Substance Use Dashboard has been released with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) data for 2020.  Substance Use Dashboard
5/10/2022Released 2021 data has been released for the Adult Substance Abuse Program Enrollees (Aged 18 Years and Older) indicator.  Substance Abuse
5/10/2022Released2021 data has been released for the Child Substance Abuse Program Enrollees (Aged 0-17 Years) indicator.  Substance Abuse
4/28/2022Updated Updated the Substance Use Dashboard with the following data: 1. PDMP for 2016-2022Q2. 2 .EMSTARS data for 2020-2021. 3. Naloxone data is for 2021. Substance Use Dashboard
4/27/2022ReleasedReleased 2019 and 2020 data for the number of children ages 1-5 receiving mental health treatment services Children ages 1-5 receiving mental health treatment services
4/26/2022ReleasedReleased 2020 two-year old basic and expanded immunization survey data  Two Year Old Children Immunized
4/26/2022ReleasedReleased 2020-2021 school year kindergarten and 7th grade immunization data Immunization Rates
4/7/2022AddedAdded - monthly birth viewer for most birth indicators