CHARTS Update List - (As of 03/29/2023)

Updated = Changed data, version of document or feature.
Released = New features, brand new indicators or new reports.
Added = New year of data making existing content more current.

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3/16/2023ReleasedReleased 2020 data for the Patients with Tuberculosis Disease Completing Therapy  Patients with Tuberculosis Disease Completing Therapy
3/16/2023UpdatedUpdated 2021 Tuberculosis (TB) Cases data for Duval and Monroe counties. Tuberculosis (TB)
3/16/2023ReleasedReleased kindergarten enrollment data for both the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 school years. Kindergarten Public School Enrollment
3/16/2023ReleasedReleased high school graduation rates for the 2021-2022 school year. High School Graduation Rate
3/16/2023ReleasedReleased 2021 estimates of adults with serious mental illness Estimated Seriously Mentally Ill Adults
3/16/2023ReleasedReleased motor vehicle crash data for 2021 including total crashes, alcohol, drug, alcohol and drug confirmed crashes, injuries and fatalities. Motor Vehicle Crash Injuries and Fatalities
3/16/2023ReleasedReleased and revised 2018, 2019 and 2020 estimates for food insecurity and child food insecurity based on Feeding America's change in methodology. Food Insecurity
3/16/2023ReleasedReleased 2021-2022 school year kindergarten and 7th grade immunization data Immunization Levels in Kindergarten and 7th Grade
2/22/2023ReleasedReleased data for 2021-22 for Infants and Toddlers Served by Early Steps (Aged 0-2 Years) Infants and Toddlers Served by Early Steps (Aged 0-2 Years)
2/17/2023ReleasedUpdated FDLE crime indicators - updated all county and state data for 2020 in accordance with FDLE's Uniform Crime Report of 2021. Added data to CHARTS for 2021. The following indicators were updated: violent crime, murder, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny, motor vehicle theft, rape and index crimes.  Crime
2/16/2023ReleasedReleased 2021 data within the Human Trafficking Profile Report. Human Trafficking Profile Report
2/16/2023ReleasedReleased 2022 quarter 3, 4 and annual data for Poison Information Network Calls Related to Opioids Substance Use Dashboard
2/16/2023ReleasedReleased 2022 Quarter 4 data for Number of Prescriptions Dispensed, Number of Unique Patients, Number of Prescribers, Prescriptions Dispensed per Patient, and Prescriptions Dispensed per Prescriber in the Substance Use Dashboard Substance Use Dashboard
1/25/2023UpdatedCorrected the 2021 data for Children Experiencing Sexual Violence (Aged 5-11 Years) Children Experiencing Sexual Violence (Aged 5-11 Years)
1/25/2023UpdatedUpdated behavioral risk factor surveillance system (BRFSS) charts and graphs to correct misalignment between data and text. BRFSS
1/23/2022ReleasedBrain and Spinal Cord client count data was released for October-December 2022. Clients Who Sustained a Brain and/or Spinal Cord Injury
1/23/2022ReleasedReleased 2022 data for EMS responses to opioid and all drug overdoses and 2022 data for Naloxone administration. Substance Use Dashboard
1/20/2023ReleasedReleased 2021 quarterly and annual data for Opioid and Drug Overdose deaths with in the Substance Use Dashboard.  Substance Use Dashboard
1/19/2023UpdatedReleased 2021 Medikids data. The denominator for calculating was updated to reflect the number of children aged 1-4. Children Covered by Medikids (Aged 1-4)
1/19/2023UpdatedUpdated data sources to reflect new definitions of primary and secondary data based on PHAB 2022 criteria. Data Sources