CHARTS Update List - (As of 05/24/2022)

Updated = Changed data, version of document or feature.
Released = New features, brand new indicators or new reports.
Added = New year of data making existing content more current.

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5/20/2022ReleasedThe Consequences tab on the Substance Use Dashboard has been updated with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) data for 2020.  Substance Use Dashboard
5/10/2022Released 2021 data has been released for the Adult Substance Abuse Program Enrollees (Aged 18 Years and Older) indicator.  Substance Abuse
5/10/2022Released2021 data has been released for the Child Substance Abuse Program Enrollees (Aged 0-17 Years) indicator.  Substance Abuse
4/28/2022Updated Updated the Substance Use Dashboard with the following data: 1. PDMP for 2016-2022Q2. 2 .EMSTARS data is for 2020-2021. 3. Naloxone data is for 2021. Substance Use Dashboard
4/27/2022ReleasedReleased 2019 and 2020 data for the number of children ages 1-5 receiving mental health treatment services Children ages 1-5 receiving mental health treatment services
4/26/2022ReleasedReleased 2020 two-year old basic and expanded immunization survey data  Two Year Old Children Immunized
4/26/2022ReleasedReleased 2020-2021 school year kindergarten and 7th grade immunization data Immunization Rates
4/7/2022AddedAdded - monthly birth viewer for most birth indicators 
4/7/2022AddedAdded new indicator - Hospitalizations From Uterine Fibroids.  Hospitalizations from Uterine Fibroids
4/7/2022AddedAdded two new indicators to CHARTS for Human Pailloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination initiation and completion.  Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccination
4/1/2022AddedUpdated the Asthma Profile and some new indicators were added.  Asthma Profile
3/29/2022ReleasedReleased 2016-2020 5-yr estimates from Census Bureau updating the Community Tools Social & Economic Factors Report. Community Social & Economic Factors Report
3/29/2022ReleasedReleased 2016-2020 5-yr population estimates from U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey U.S. Census Bureau
3/28/2022ReleasedReleased 8 EH Inspection indicators for 2021 which included: Unsatisfactory Inspections of Biomedical Waste Facilities, Body Piercing Facilities, Institutional Food Service Operations, Group Care Facilities, Migrant Labor Camps, Mobile Home and RV Parks, Swimming Pool and Spa Facilities and Tanning Facilities Environmental Health Inspection
3/18/2022ReleasedReleased 13 indicators in relation to 2020 BRFSS- Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Florida Behavioral Risk Factor Data
3/11/2022ReleasedReleased 2019 data for the Patients with Tuberculosis Disease Completing Therapy indicator Patients with Tuberculosis Disease Completing Therapy
3/1/2022ReleasedReleased 2020-2021 data for several DOE indicators including: Enrollment, 3rd Grade Proficiency, Free-Reduced Lunch, Emotionally Handicapped, Safety Incidents, Absent 21+ Days and Suspensions DOE indicators including: Enrollment, 3rd Grade Proficiency, Free-Reduced Lunch, Emotionally
3/1/2022ReleasedReleased 2020-21 data for Student-Nurse Ratio in School, Grades PreK-12 Student-Nurse Ratio in School, Grades PreK-12
3/1/2022ReleasedBegan releasing provisional 2022 data in the count query systems (rates are not released until data is final) query systems (rates
2/23/2022ReleasedReleased the 2020 Merlin data for all Reportable and Infectious Disease indicators.  Reportable and Infectious Disease data