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Leading Causes of Fatal Injury by Mechanism (All Ages), Over Time, Florida Residents

Data Source: Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Data Notes:

Rates are per 100,000 population. Rates based on total counts less than 20 may be unstable; use with caution. A rate of 0.0 per 100,000 may not represent zero deaths, but may indicate very small numbers.

Age-specific rates are not displayed at county level.

These deaths are reported by the decedent’s county of residence.

MVT - Motor Vehicle Traffic, NEC - Not Elsewhere Classifiable.

Drowning, Submersion includes water transport-related drownings (V90 and V92).

Other Specified and Classifiable refers to injuries due to specific causes that are separately classified but that do not fit into one of the specific cause categories. Examples include injuries due to explosions, fireworks, electric current, exposure to radiation, entrance of a foreign body into or through the eye or other natural body opening which does not block an airway or cause suffocation (asphyxia), and being caught or crushed in or between objects.

Other Specified / NEC refers to injuries due to specific causes that are not separately classified (not elsewhere classifiable).

Unknown / Unspecified refers to injuries for which the underlying or precipitating cause is not adequately documented (i.e., on the death certificate).

All Other is the sum of the other injury mechanisms.

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