Immunization Levels in Kindergarten 
Immunization is the process by which a person's immune system becomes fortified agains an agent (known as the immunogen). It is the primary defense against some of the most deadly and debilitating diseases known. It is particularly important to vaccinate children to prevent them from contracting or spreading serious diseases. These data are the result of public and private school reports indicating the immunization and exemption status of all children enrolled in kindergarten (KG) and seventh (7th) grade, as required by section 1 003.22(8), Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code Rule 64D-3.046.

Monitoring vaccination levels helps reduce vaccine-preventable diseases by improving vaccination coverage among school-age children. It emphasizes importance of vaccination and compliance with state vaccination requirements among children enrolled in kindergarten and 7th grade.

In 2023, the percentage of Immunization Levels in Kindergarten in Alachua County was 92.2 compared to Florida at 90.6. The line graph shows change over time when there are at least three years of data.

Alachua County is in the second quartile for this measure. This means that relative to other counties in Florida, there are less Immunization Levels in Kindergarten in about one half of the counties, and more in about one quarter of the counties.

The map illustrates county data by quartile. A quartile map is presented when there are at least 51 counties with data for this measure.

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Alachua County
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Immunization Levels in Kindergarten, Percent of Kindergarten Students Enrolled, 2023
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Immunization Levels in Kindergarten, Percentage of Kindergarten Students Enrolled, Single Year
Data YearCountDenomPercent (%)MOVCountDenomPercent (%)MOV
20042,1112,31991.0*1.2205,322217,44494.40.1 is provided by the Florida Department of Health, Division of Public Health Statistics and Performance Management.
Data Source: Florida Department of Health, Bureau of Epidemiology
7/18/2024 9:49:00 PM
Data Note(s)
  • Section 1003.22, Florida Statutes, provides for the requirement of proper documentation prior to school entry into kindergarten.
  • Refer to the State Immunization Surveys by year for the applicable definition of completed immunizations.
  • County immunization rates include public and private schools. Data are provided by school year. For example, 2018 data represent school year 2017-18.
  • The sum of counties is different than the state total. County totals do not include immunization data for schools for the deaf and blind, virtual schools, or educational/research schools associated with universities.
  • This is primary, quantitative data.
  • Chart will display if there are at least three years of data.
  • Multi-year counts are a sum of the selected years, not an average.
  • Quartiles are calculated when data are available for at least 51 counties.
  • MOV - Measure of Variability: Probable range of values resulting from random fluctuations in the number of events. Not calculated when numerator is below 5 or denominator is below 20, or count or rate is suppressed. The MOV is useful for comparing rates to a goal or standard. For example, if the absolute difference between the county rate and the statewide rate is less than the MOV, the county rate is not significantly different from the statewide rate (alpha level = 0.05). When the absolute difference between the county rate and the statewide rate is greater than the MOV, the county rate is significantly different from the statewide rate. MOV should not be used to determine if the rates of two different counties, or the county rates for two different years, are statistically significantly different.
  • Denom - abbreviated for denominator.
  • Population estimates are not available for persons whose county of residence is unknown. Given this, the denominator and associated rate are not available.
  • * - Indicates the county rate is statistically significantly different from the statewide rate.