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Resident AADR by Leading Causes of Death by Year

Data Note(s):
  • Rates are calculated per 100,000 population. See data dictionary for details. Rates are not available for provisional data.
  • Prior to 2004, rates for Hispanic and non-Hispanic populations are not calculated due to the unavailability of population estimates by ethnicity.
  • In this system, if there are no values for the field selected, it will not be displayed.
  • Starting with 2003 deaths, the sum of the deaths from all counties may not equal the total number of resident deaths due to an unknown county of residence on some records.
  • Where 99999999999 is used as a census tract, it is unknown.
  • Use caution when interpreting rates based on small numbers of events. Rates are considered unstable if they are based on fewer than 5 events or if the denominator (population at risk) is fewer than 20. Use of this tool is for analytical and statistical purposes only.
  • The total on reports displaying Leading Causes of Death will not match the sum of rankable causes shown on the report.
  • Every decennial census year, the U.S. Census Bureau alters census tract boundaries to coincide with the updated population figures. In the CHARTS vital statistics query systems, where census tract data is available, any year previous to 2011 will use 2000 census tract boundaries, and any data from 2011 onward will use the 2010 census tract boundaries. Data from like-numbered census tracts may not be comparable between the 2000 and 2010 tract boundaries.
  • The population data for 2001-2010, along with rates affected by the population data, has been updated on FLHealthCHARTS. Following a census, it is customary to revise population projections for the intercensal years based on information from the latest census. Revising the population data from what was predicted to actual estimates ensures accurate accounting of the racial, ethnic, and gender distribution of the population. These changes affect the population data and rates calculated for your community.
  • Resident Maternal Deaths (ICD: A34, O00-O95, O98-O99) counts were corrected from 28 to 47 for year 2020; this correction also affects the grouping to which they were originally coded.

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