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Resident Infant Death Rate by Residence County

Data Note(s):
  • Rates are not available for provisional data.
  • In this system, if there are no values for the field selected, it will not be displayed.
  • Where 99999999999 is used as a census tract, it is unknown.
  • Use caution when interpreting rates based on small numbers of events. Rates are considered unstable if they are based on fewer than 5 events or if the denominator (population at risk) is fewer than 20. Use of this tool is for analytical and statistical purposes only.
  • The total on reports displaying Leading Causes of Death will not match the sum of rankable causes shown on the report.
  • HIV/AIDS, Suicide, and Pediatric AIDS data is not available for zipcodes
  • NOT APPLICABLE- All infant deaths prior to 1999 in this application are classified as not applicable.

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