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Training Resources

FLHealthCHARTS Quick Facts
This one-page document highlights CHARTS’ key features.

FLHealthCHARTS.gov – Getting Started
Learn about the CHARTS website in this one-page description.

Data Sources and Update Schedule
The schedule lists sources of FLHealthCHARTS data and provides established timeframes for annual updates to FLHealthCHARTS.gov.

Overview Tutorial
Take a quick tour of FLHealthCHARTS.gov’s features and functionality.

CHARTS Log in Tutorial
Use the CHARTS Log in to automatically show your county when a CHARTS report opens and subscribe to receive CHARTS update notices.

Profile and Dashboard Report Tutorial
Profile and dashboard reports give you a quick look at health statistics focused on a particular topic. This tutorial provides a summary of the functions in these reports.

Indicator Page Tutorial
Viewers show four perspectives of a health indicator: trend lines, maps and data tables with trends and all 67 counties for a selected year. Learn to operate all the functions of the four-panel viewer with this quick tutorial.

Community Map Tutorial
The interactive Community Map tool provides visual access to data for the 30 leading causes of death and select birth indicators at the census tract and ZIP code level for all 67 counties. Get the most out of this tool by exploring this 9 page tutorial.

Query Systems Tutorial
Query systems allow you to select the specific combinations of data you need from a wealth of birth, death, marriage, divorce or population data. This tutorial provides an overview of ways to customize the data to meet your needs.

Reportable and Infectious Diseases - Frequency Report
The frequency report is based on reportable disease information received by the Florida Department of Health. Use this tool to generate your own reportable and infectious diseases report from the Merlin system.

Measure of Variability (MOV) Tutorial
Are you wondering about statistical significance? If so, review this overview of the measure of variability. Learn how it is used in FLHealthCHARTS.gov.

Age-Adjusted Rates
This document describes how age-adjusted rates are calculated and displayed on CHARTS.

Crude Rates
This document describes how crude rates are calculated and displayed on CHARTS.

Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL)
This document provides information about years of potential life lost data including how it is calculated and displayed on CHARTS.

This document provides information on what quartiles are, why we use them and two ways that they are visualized on CHARTS.

Vital Statistics Rates and Formulae
This document details calculations used in the Vital Statistics Annual Report and in this system.

ICD-10 - International Statistical Classification of Diseases, tenth revision
The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is designed to promote international comparability in the collection, processing, classification, and presentation of mortality statistics. This includes providing a format for reporting causes of death on the death certificate.

CDC's Introduction to Applied Epidemiology and Biostatistics
A self study course covering basic principles and concepts presented in six lessons.

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